Buddy Belt 2 Harness PINK SZ 3

Buddy Belt 2 Harness PINK SZ 3

This buddy belt is a rare find!  You will not be able to find this harnesses anywhere as it has been discontinued.  We have ONE Pink Size 3 left.

BB2 is made of faux leather,  a lower price alternative to Buddy Belt's leather harnesses. The comfortable fit wraps around your pet's body, just like a hug!  Easy to use, your dog steps in and it quickly fastens with one buckle.  The unique design reduces strain on your dog's spine and neck to prevent damage to the throat and trachea.  A collar and leash can choke your dog when the leash is tugged.

• Fits small dog. Measure chest girth and refer to size chart before purchasing.

For larger dogs like Standard Poodles etc The original Premium Leather Buddy Belt will accommodate their size.


Measure your dog

1. Measure your dog's chest girth. 
You want a snug measurement, directly behind your pet's front legs.

2. Confirm weight.

3. Select the correct size using the chart below.






Put the harness on your dog


How to Wear & Check for Proper Fit

Video http://youtu.be/NMwRDe4s6-E 
How to Use Buddy BeltsHow to Use Buddy Belts

1. Place the harness on ground color side down. 
The buckle always goes to your dog's left paw.

2. Step in the harness and fasten the buckle.



Important Fitting Tips

  • An ideal fit will allow enough room for 1-2 fingers under the strap.

  • The harness should fit snug against the body.

  • If it fits on the tightest (first) hole, try a size smaller.
    It's better to be on the last hole, than to have a loose fitting harness.

  • The harness may stretch to fit one hole smaller as it forms to your dog's chest

Buddy Belts can be worn by itself, under clothes, or over clothes.  Purchase a second set to be worn over clothes during the winters!

Imported from Canada

Is this a real Buddy Belt? YES!
We use the same design and hardware, but made with synthetic leather.



BB2 Product Highlights

  •  Lower price point
  • Colours available: Red, Black, NEW! Pink, Caramel & Blue
  • Fits small to medium size dogs: Buddy Belt Size 2-Size 6, limited stock of Size 7 is available
  • Synthetic leather harness material
  •  Metal hardware (just like a BB!)
  •  Identical BB shape
  •  Bone charm
  •  New BB2 logo
This product is not manufactured by JCLA. Ships separately.

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