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Fashionista Kelly Osbourne loves her JCLA Rescue Me tote & so does Sid
Sharon Osbourne loves JCLA for her dog

"My dog Sid loves his new JCLA Resue Me pet tote. Normally he hates dog carriers, but he'll jump into this one as soon as he sees me grab it! Best of all -- JCLA donates to animal rescue!”

~Kelly Osbourne

Spokesmodel for Madonna's 'Material Girl',Fashion Police, & Dancing With the Stars.

Sharon Osbourne owns a white 'Doggie Style' Rescue Me tote. (The Talk, America's Got Talent)

"I love my "JCLA Rescue Me" tote. I have one in pink with a kitty on the front as I'm a crazy cat lover! Every pet I've ever had from the time I was a little girl I've rescued! Please support this cause, buy a bag and rescue a pet!"

~ Annalynne McCord

 Star of Beverly Hills, 90210

Jeannie Mai Endorses JCLA Rescue Me totes

"I'm obsessed with fashion because it's the best thing we have to set ourselves apart- personal style. Within seconds, the way you look tells people who you are.

JCLA  gives pet lovers a way to not only celebrate their love for animals, but also does it in the most unique, sassy way I've ever seen. From the gorgeous, quality lining to the perfect little paw feet, this bag purrs mewow!"

~ Jeannie Mai

Dancing with the Stars, Host of Style Network's 'How Do I Look' & 'Extra' Correspondent

KTLA Anchor Wendy Burch loves her JCLA Rescue Me tote

Wendy Burch's dog Sophy inside a JCLA Doggie Style Rescue Me tote

"I think your bags are adorable (love the hardware- or should I say 'paw wear'- on the bottom of the bags). The 'Doggie Style' in white and black is ADORABLE. Sophy (and mommy) love it!"

~ Wendy Burch

 Emmy Award Winning KTLA News Anchor

It all began when Hollywood actor/model, Jeanne Chinn, purchased a messenger bag with an applique of a sleeping kitty on it. Actress, model, designer Jeanne Chinn Founder of JCLA couture pet totesHer bag's purr-fect expression of why she loves cats attracted a constant stream of inquiries. Waiters would approach her table and whisper, "The lady over there would like to know where you got your bag." Helping people acquire this purse was like having an unpaid, full time job.

Bombarded by the exclamation, "I would KILL for a bag with a DOG on it!"  Jeanne (prounounced: 'Genie') wished someone would make the bag already. But no one ever did. 

Jeanne Chinn on the cover of NewsweekAs Jeanne's love affair with the cat purse ran its course. She began dreaming of a bag with a lining that could easily be cleaned.  A carry-all bag... made of quality materials, and unique details.  She wanted a tote that was practical, but still fashionable and fabulous. 

Taking people pleasing to a whole new level, Jeanne stopped repeating, "Sorry, I'm an actor, not a bag designer!" and answered her calling.  She designed and manufactured a line of couture totes that would satisfy everyone while raising funds for animal rescue.  On November 1, 2010 Jeanne opened her first box of 'Rescue Me tote' samples and cried tears of joy. Jeanne Chinn, Los Angeles (JCLA) was born.

JCLA canvas "Rescue Me" totes were quickly discovered by Runway Magazine, Cesar's Way, Pet Fashion TV, KTLA News, HGTV, Pet Elite, Pupstyle, Doggies & Stuff, BellaDog, Chihuahua Connection, and Rockstar Puppy.  The unique totes have been named the ‘'it' bag for Hollywood's pet enthusiasts. Houston's LIFE+DOG magazine crowned Rescue Me totes "Haute Tote" in their "PICK of the LITTER." JCLA will not pay for reviews or write ups. The product's unique innovation has kept the press inquiring. In fact, JCLA's Te Quiero Chihuahua tote can be seen in the popular movie franchise,"Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3".  The Faux Leather Rescue Me Tote and Bond Girl Smuggler were featured on the hit TV series Glee!  JCLA's Doggie Style rescue me tote is carried by Morgan Fairchild in the movie, "Weiner Dog Nationals," where Jeanne is also an actress in the film.

A frenzy for these new Hollywood 'it' bags has spread across the US all the way to Hawaii, Japan, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland,Scotland, Italy, the UK, Germany, Australia, China, Canada, the Netherlands, and Norway. 

Jeanne donates 10% of JCLA's profits to worthy rescue organizations. Women Owned Business- Los Angeles singled out JCLA, "We have had a LOT of great referrals for Women Owned Business who have a charity effort.... Please check out JCLA,Inc. who make adorable purses with a portion donated." Finally, bags that return the unconditional love we receive from our pets.

A proud sponsor for the Beverly Hills Mutt Club Howliday Jingle Bones benefit, Jeanne and her rescue pup, Mr. Truffle, were interviewed by Fox News about her couture bags and the importance of rescuing animals.Fox 11 News interviewing Jeanne Chinn about JCLA Rescue Me totes & animal rescue

Continuing to make news, on April 29th 2011, Jeanne brought 2 shelter dogs in for some royal treatment on KTLA's "Give Pets a Chance." She prepared the dogs for LA's #1 morning show by dressing them in royal wedding couture. Jeanne spoke about doggie bling, Rescue Me totes, and her adoptable canines: Milo and Quenitn. Proving to be more than just a bag designer, Jeanne's efforts resulted in adoptions for both deserving dogs.

JCLA's pet bags, apparel & accessories have recently been seen on the hit TV series Glee!  Fox & Friends selected JCLA Leopard sneakers for the 2014 BEST of the Global Pet Expo.

What organizations has JCLA donated to?  Southern CA Pomeranian Rescue, Best Friends, Alabama Wildlife Center, Amanda Foundation, Lifeline 4 Paws, Lhasa Happy Homes, Saving Animals From Euthanasia, SPCA LA, SPCA SF, Washington Humane Society, American Humane Association, Barks of Love, Yorkshire Terrier Club of LA, West Los Angeles Animal Services, Shelter Link, Humane Society Elkhart County, Humane Society Silicon Valley, Arizona Desert Labrador Retreiver Rescue, Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego, Blue Buffalo Foundation For Cancer Research, The Hope Chest Charitable Foundation, Stray Cat Alliance, Kitt Crusaders, Kitty Bungalow-Carm School for Wayward Cats, Forever Angels, The Starkey Foundation, LAYN, American Heart Association, Dress For Success,  Friends of the Isreal Defense Forces, & Seeds of Peace.  

JCLA's online boutique features other talented pet fashion and accessory designers that Jeanne has encountered in her travels.

Jeanne Chinn is an established Hollywood actor, model, and martial artist.

For more about Jeanne please visit www.jeannechinn.com