Raw Premium Dog Food

Raw Premium Dog Food
  • Pre packaged raw dog food meals for all life stages.
  • *Made with only 100% USDA Ingredients
  • Ingredients: Beef, Beef Heart,Beef Liver, Beef Bones, Cod Liver Oil and Ocean Kelp
  • 80% meat ( Beef, Beef Hearts, )
  • 10% bone ( Beef bones )
  • 5% Organ (liver)
  • 4% Organic Ocean Kelp
  • 1% Cod Liver Oil
  • Conveniently shipped to your door for a very reasonable rate! SHIPS TO CALIFORNIA, NEVADA, & ARIZONA RESIDENTS ONLY.
Less Odor & Less Stool Volume
We know it may be hard to believe but your dog is a  carnivore dog  that does not require carbohydrates like grain, corn, wheat, rice and soy found in a lot of kibble dog foods, dogs have difficulty digesting those grains. When on a raw diet your pet can absorb 95% of the nutrients, resulting in smaller stool volume and less odor. The less odor is a direct result of proper digestion.

Healthier Gums, Teeth and Breath
With grain-based diet dog are at risk of periodontal disease this
risk disappears when you feed them a raw diet. Ground or whole bones to provide your pup calcium for strong and healthy teeth. Calcium in bones also reduce the buildup of tartar and helps freshen your pet’s breath. This is Nature's natural toothbrush!

Degenerative Disease Improvement

Dog owners who switch their older pets to a raw diet usually find that degenerative diseases improve. When arthritic dogs began to receive the  vital nutriention they need like omega 3 fatty acids, you’ll see more energy and a much higher activity level.

Leaner Body Mass

Dogs that are overweight, when switched to a raw diet you will notice you pup lose unwanted fat and gain moderated muscle mass. Which is better for you pets joints and overall health.

Improved Digestion

Improved digestion means better nutrient absorption. Raw food has  living enzymes, phyto-chemicals, antioxidants, and amino acids that can ensure your pet’s long and healthy lifespan. Many chronic digestive problems and sensitive stomachs issues may disappear after you begin to feeding your dog  a raw food diet.

Healthy Coat & Skin
When your dog has a persistent skin issue that suddenly subsides or even disappear, it is a direct reflection to the RAW diet, Raw diets supply  vital nutrients and essential fatty acids other diets are lacking. When on a raw diet you will notice fewer vet visits and less antibiotics.

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